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Biometric Election System. A complete Software

Biometric Election System is a complete software system developed as a FYP at University of WAH.

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This website will provide the biometric eletion system software for free of charge. The tutorials and requirements of the software are also mentiioned at for photos.

This System deals with the biometric election system and its management. The user will cast his vote to any candidate after authentication through biometrically and also get the details about the candidates as well. This system saves a lot of time and voter can cast his vote to respective candidate. In Pakistan the present existing system that we are using the ballot paper, ink and stamp and it takes the lot of time to count the number of votes in existing process, in order to reduce or we can say that eliminate the drawbacks of existing system this particular proposed system will make our work too much easier and secure and also reduce the wastage of time. And more over we doesn’t get the accurate or correct results in the existing ballot paper system. So there is a need for Biometric Election Management System..


This project involves mainly two modules.  Candidate  Voter

  • This module contains the information of the candidate and shows the details of the candidate. And also maintains the records of the party and seat candidate.
  • This allows user to vote for the respective candidate and allows the user to change the password, allows user to view the details of the respective person he voted for.

Tools & Technologies

• SQL Server 2005
• Visual Studio 2010 SP 2
• Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Paint
• Biometrics Device
• SAP Crystal Reports
• Pentium 4 or above
• 3GB Ram
• 4GB Cache Memory

Our proposed Biometric Election Management system is the computer based voting system through which we will make the vote casting procedure easy, safe and efficient, the traditional or old voting system is tedious in this era of technology, in this 21st century we are still using ballot paper and ink pad for casting the vote and there is a lot of staff needed to perform the all task of election process, but using electronic voting system our staff need will be minimized because it can be handled by a person having basic computer knowledge. The purposed system is so much human friendly, secure and way easy, the vote will be casted in seconds and the result will be compiled with the single click of button. In this system we are using biometrics system (thumb scanning) technique for the identification of the voter, once the voter casted the vote he will not be allowed to cast the vote again, so it could minimize the duplication of vote and our mission is to make the election process clean from all kinds of bugs that are making people not to cast vote because they think there vote will not be counted. So the purposed system will heal these all kinds of wounds in the beloved Pakistan politics..
Biometric Voting System
july 25, 2016

The guideline of the software is provided on can follow the tutorials in order to get the full benefit of the software.

July 23, 2016

The complete information including all tools and technologies and hardware and software Requirements.

July 23, 2016

The complete information of the biometric device and its requirements.

This Software is designed as FYP for University of Wah